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The P.A.T. Center Vision: “is to be an honorable and professional organization through ethical and innovative leadership at all levels, providing superior services that return productive people to the community. Mental Health is a vital status for the success and development of patients and their families. The P.A.T. Center provides additional opportunities for clients and families to utilize the services outside of the normal classroom setting. The P.A.T. Center will not only focus on the mental health and behavioral issues, but the stability of the home lives as well”.
The P.A.T. Center Mission: “Provide public services to families through family therapy sessions, individual therapy sessions, paraprofessional services and one –to –one support sessions. Provide a safe, humane environment for the staff and patients; Provide information on public programs that offer services to help strengthen the family structure; Provide public information for the parents of the families to help strengthen their work ethic; Provide parental support, regular doctor visits, and services as a resource for outstanding needs in the community”.