Crisis Management

Crisis Intervention is provided by trained staff that can offer stabilization to families and clients in order to reduce the intensity of emotional, mental, physical, or behavioral reaction to a crisis. The goal of crisis intervention is to help restore one’s functioning before onset of crisis. On-call services and access to trained staff are available to address events or circumstances that can be considered a crisis. On-site crisis services can be provided in the home or at school in order to meet the needs of clients and families. Referrals for acute hospitalization by staff may be made in order to address suicidal or homicidal thoughts or behaviors that are considered a risk to self or others. Staff that are assigned to specific locations will handle all crisis situations for their respective clients during business hours. If a crisis intervention occurs after business hours, a crisis hotline has been established in order to address the needs of the clients. A licensed clinician will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to address crisis situations.