Mission & Vision

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The P.A.T. Center encourages the spirit of collective decision-making, shared objectives, and respect for decisions from the Leadership and persons served. Leadership at The P.A.T. Center promotes value and achievement of outcomes in the programs and services offered. Leadership ensures that the company is compliant with insurance, risk management requirements, and all state/federal legal and regulatory requirements. The company is responsive to its environment and sensitive to the needs of its stakeholders (persons-served, collaterals, and the community).
The vision of The P.A.T. Center is to: The vision of The P.A.T. Center is to be an honorable and professional company through ethical and innovative leadership at all levels. The focus of treatment is on the mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral issues, service provision in varied settings and the stability of the home life. All persons affected by the impact of substance related disorders receive appropriate and effective services to improve the quality of their life. Our aim is through the delivery of superior services. We will assist in the transition and return of productive people to the community.
The P.A.T. Center has a person-centered philosophy manifested by the leadership personnel and administrative staff in the development and delivery of services, approaches and interventions. The Philosophy of The P.A.T. Center acknowledges the persons served as being the authority of their life. Mental health and substance abuse staff act in the role of facilitator/advocate/support. We believe alcohol and drug abuse/dependence is a chronic problem that cannot be treated with acute interventions. Furthermore, that recovery involves much more than abstinence. We firmly believe that with help, people do recover.
We believe that services shall be sensitive and applicable to the needs of the population served. We uphold ethical standards and integrity. We believe that services should protect the rights of the individual and advocate for the persons-served ’s needs. We believe in strengthening support and family structures. Work cooperatively with area agencies, institutions, and other organizations to combat the impact of mental illness and substance abuse and dependence. Respond to the specialized needs of the community and provide cost effective quality services.
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Children’s Services
School-based services are primarily for children aged 4-18 that have significant impaired functioning in at least two domains and qualify for a DSM- diagnosis from the most current edition.
Family Services
The P.A.T. Center provides Out-Patient Services through clinical staff members, credentialed in the specific area in which they are trained and competent for practice.
The company provides telehealth and telemedicine services. These services allow us to communicate with persons-served through remote technology.
Person Centered
Work cooperatively with area agencies, institutions, and other organizations to combat the impact of substance abuse and dependence.