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Welcome to the P.A.T. Center

We are your first choice mental health and outpatient substance abuse care provider, serving as an advocate, facilitator, and friend. We ensure your success in getting your life and family in order by supporting you every step of the way, so together, we can build better Arkansas communities for a better tomorrow. People Advocating Transition and all subsidiaries has a person-centered philosophy manifested by the leadership, personnel and administrative staff in the development and delivery of services, approaches and interventions that acknowledge the person served as being the authority of their life.

Outpatient Services

Medication Management

Crisis Management

Psychological Testing

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Children’s Services

School-based services are primarily for children aged 4-18 that have significant impaired functioning in at least two domains and qualify for a DSM- diagnosis from the most current edition.

Family Services

The P.A.T. Center provides Out-Patient Services through clinical staff members, credentialed in the specific area in which they are trained and competent for practice.


The company provides telehealth and telemedicine services. These services allow us to communicate with persons-served through remote technology.

Person Centered

Work cooperatively with area agencies, institutions, and other organizations to combat the impact of substance abuse and dependence.

We Promise

  • Superior services that with help with behavioral/mental health and substance abuse issues
  • To act as your advocate/facilitator/treatment provider to ensure your needs are met
  • To provide you with access to a multi-disciplinary team of competent staff
  • To provide you with comprehensive services (medication, therapy, case coordination/support; tele-health/telemedicine)
  • To meet you wherever you are comfortable. We provide services in-home, school, the office, and alternative meeting places

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