Pipeline – September 2017

Pipeline – September 2017

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3rd Quarter Review

School has resumed and we’re excited to be back. Our schoolbased programs are in full effect!!
Although we didn’t have a Therapeutic Summer Program this year, we did implement summer group sessions that were held at the office.
During some of the sessions, MHPs and MHPPs worked with clients on coping skills to implement during conflicts at home, school, etc.

July 2017: Medicaid changes began as preparations for the PASSE are being made for 2018. Leadership has been attending meetings/conferences to become as “in the know” as possible to ensure we are compliant in every aspect. July 4th the office was closed for observance of Independence Day.

August 2017: 2017-2018 school year began!! We are school based in more than 10 schools b/t PB and LR locations and working daily to do all we can to make a difference in the lives of our children and families as a whole. The P.A.T. Center donated school supplies to clients for the school year to assist parents and to alleviate expenses, where possible. Also, in the month of August, Mrs. Johnson, our Clinical Director, participated in the 45th Annual Behavioral Health Institute in Hot Springs, AR. The institute was hosted and held at the Hot Springs Convention Center. Mrs. Johnson set up a table where information about the P.A.T. Center was displayed/explained to those attending and other vendors. The theme of the conference was: “Changing Times”. The focus of the training was on social work, psychology, counseling and substance abuse professionals. The P.A.T. Center was busy in the month of August and were out and about in the community empowering parents, schools, daycares, etc. on the services provided and the great need for the services at such a crucial time in life. Our CEO, Mr. Ronald Kirby, went to one of our local schools and a school The P.A.T. Center is based in (Jack Robey Junior High) to do a presentation geared towards the male population. The P.A.T. Center went out to educate on mental health on another occasion at a local
daycare. P.A.T. Center Representatives spoke to daycare staff and parents present and discussed benefits of mental health, the services provided and answered any questions presented in Q & A setting. Pamphlets and brochures were left for parents to review at their availability.
PI/QA Meeting was held in August at the office.

September 2017: September, 4th the office was closed in observance of Labor Day. September 16, The P.A.T. Center hosted its 1st Annual Resource Fair. Many vendors and volunteers attended, providing information on college requirements, scholarships, expungement, healthy meal ideas, etc. September 27, the Advisory Board met @ Cajun’s Wharf in Little Rock to discuss projections for the remainder of 2017 upcoming in 2018.


45th Annual Behavioral Health Institute in Hot Springs, AR

2017 P.A.T. Center Resource Fair



New Staff Members

Tanesha Curl, MHPP (PB)-Date of Hire: 7/10/17
Alma Carroll, MHPP (PB)-Date of Hire: 8/7/17
Secoyia Key, MHPP (LR)-Date of Hire: 8/14/17
Justin Harmon, Office Support-Date of Hire: 9/6/17

2017 P.A.T. Center Annual Staff Retreat

Child/Parent/Adolescent & Adult Surveys

We are Hiring!

Full-time Mental Health Professionals (MHPs): Full-time positions for licensed Therapists for the Little Rock ad Pine Bluff areas. Minimum qualifications: Psychologist, LCSW, LMSW, LPE, LPE-I, LPC, LMFT or an APN or CNS with a specialty in psychiatry or mental health.

Full-time Mental Health Para-Professionals (MHPPs): full-time positions for MHPPs for the Little Rock and Pine Bluff areas. Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in social sciences or related field and experience in mental health field preferred.

To apply, please submit a resume, cover letter and list of references via email to thepatcenter@yahoo.com or fax (870) 534-4906.

The P.A.T. Center PIPELINE is a quarterly newsletter for stakeholders, clients, parents, community agencies, and referral sources. The PIPELINE provides ongoing updates about P.A.T. Center projects, introduction of staff, and our efforts to improve performance and quality of services. Our aim is to be transparent about internal workings by holding staff and Leadership accountable for day to day operations.

Thank you

Special thanks to all who refer to our agency!
Special thanks to each client and their guardians for choosing The P.A.T. Center.
Special thanks to our Leadership team for exemplifying GREAT leadership skills!
Special thanks to our MHPs/MHPPs for providing the best service to our clients.
Special thanks to our awesome office staff for their hard work!

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