Pipeline September – 2016

Pipeline September – 2016

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In this issue:

  • 3rd Quarter Review
  • Upcoming Events
  • Staff Additions
  • Advisory Board Update
  • Adult Surveys
  • Child/Adolescent/Parent Surveys
  • Recap of Annual Staff Retreat via Photos
  • Employment



Upcoming Events:

• October 2016
Domestic Violence Conference and Master Youth Plan meetings Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Race for the Cure October 22nd)
• December 2016
Advisory Board Meeting Annual Christmas [/one_half_last]

3rd Quarter Review

This has been an eventful quarter for The P.A.T. Center! The P.A.T. Center is on the move! Working towards excellence!!!
Several events both planned and unplanned have taken place within the company.
In the month of July 2016, the Summer Therapeutic Program ended July 29th. The P.A.T. Center provided group therapy and individual therapy sessions to clients ranging from ages 4-13 years to ensure skills learned during school year were not left dormant and become forgotten or diminished.
Also in the latter part of July 2016, The P.A.T Center was audited by Beacon Health Options, which is the nation’s largest independent behavioral health and wellness product company.
August 2016, the Advisory Board met to discuss changes and events that have occurred since last quarter. The board reviewed the newsletter and outcomes management data from surveys completed last quarter. The P.A.T Center recently purchased lots adjacent to the existing P.A.T. office and is in the process of expanding the Pine Bluff office in 2017.

August 2016, Retrospective Audits were conducted on charts for Mrs. D’awn Lane, MHPP in Pine Bluff and Mrs. Renay Ford, MHP in Pine Bluff, for dates of service ranging from 1/1/2016-3/31/2016. No deficiencies were found!
August 1st, The P.A.T. Center joined the SHARE (State Health Alliance for Records Exchange) secure email family! Our SHARE email is: rkirby@ohit.share.ar.net
September is national “Courtesy Month”. Staff was encouraged to be courteous and compliment someone daily.
Labor Day was observed Monday, September 5, 2016. Labor Day is observed in the U.S. on every first Monday in September as a day to recognize the contributions of American workers of all industries to the U.S. economy. The P.A.T. Center thanks its staff for all that they do!
Billing staff attended Blue Cross Blue Shield training, September 2016. The P.A.T. Center supports continued education and off-site trainings which will allow for improved work performance and knowledge.
Two Onsite Beacon Health Options trainings were held July 2016. Onsite CPI, CPR & 2 Beacon Health trainings were held September 2016.

New Employees:

[one_half]Tanya Alexander, MHP (Date of Hire: 9/6/16)
Sherrita Bailey, MHPP (Date of Hire: 9/7/16)
Jimmie Bradley, MHPP (Date of Hire: 9/1/16)
Meia Hellums, Office Support (Date of Hire: 8/22/16)
Anita Martin, MHP (Date of Hire: 9/6/16)[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Brandi McCoy, MHP (Date of Hire: 8/5/16)
Chasity Swygert, MHPP (Date of Hire: 8/22/16)
Regina Warner, MHPP (Date of Hire: 9/6/16)
Gregory Young, MHP (Date of Hire: 8/15/16)[/one_half_last]

Advisory Board Update

• The P.A.T. Center purchased lots adjacent to PB office. Plans for expansion in 2017 are in the making!
• Newsletter from 2nd Quarter was reviewed.
• The P.A.T. Center will target specific schools in Pine Bluff & Little Rock for marketing services. The agency will also expand marketing efforts in Pine Bluff to include DHS, court and Adult Psych Unit at local hospital. This will be accomplished as a list of marketing functions and target dates will be developed (i.e. Marketing committee, etc.)

Adult Satisfaction September 2016

Child Satisfaction Survey September 2016

The P.A.T. Staff has a yearly annual retreat. The retreat allows an informal environment for staff to address highlights of the past school year, discuss audit findings and results, r

The P.A.T. Staff has a yearly annual retreat. The retreat allows an informal environment for staff to address highlights of the past school year, discuss audit findings and results, reiterate strategic goals, and the end of summer celebration.

10 Commandments of Mental Health

1. Cherish the ones you love
2. Continue learning as long as you live
3. Discover and nurture your talents
4. Do not complicate your life unnecessarily
5. Do not give up
6. Exercise daily
7. Learn from your mistakes
8. Set goals for yourself and pursue your dreams
9. Think positively
10. Try to understand and encouraged those around you
Obtained on: positivemed.com/2012/11/09/10-commandments-of-mental-health/

Current Employment Opportunities

• Full –time Mental Health Professionals (MHPs): Full-time positions for licensed Therapists for the Little Rock ad Pine Bluff areas. Minimum qualifications: Psychologist, LCSW, LMSW, LPE, LPE-I, LPC, LMFT or an APN or CNS with a specialty in psychiatry or mental health.
• Full-time Mental Health Para-Professionals (MHPPs): full-time positions for MHPPs for the Little Rock and Pine Bluff areas. Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in social sciences or related field and experience in mental health field preferred.

To apply, please submit a resume, cover letter and list of references via email to thepatcenter@yahoo.com or fax (870) 534-4906.

The P.A.T. Center PIPELINE is a quarterly newsletter for stakeholders, clients, parents, community agencies, and referral sources. The PIPELINE provides ongoing updates about P.A.T. Center projects, introduction of staff, and our efforts to improve performance and quality of services. Our aim is to be transparent about internal workings by holding staff and Leadership accountable for day to day operations.

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